Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Torrent Guide

Want to get that album but not sure its worth the money? Heard of all those illegal music downloads crippling the music industry? Well this guide is here to help YOU become part of the problem!

Pretty much everyone is aware that downloading music for free is pretty easy and highly illegal. The thing is most people dont know the best and safest way to download music. And dont forget, with torrents you can download anything! Including Books, Films, Anime, TV Shows, Music, Pictures and much more, any form of media you can think of!

Step 1:The first step to torrenting is picking your software. They are all readily available and free to download. You will need either Deluge, uTorrent, Vuze (a.k.a Azureus) or your BitTorrent Client of choice.

Step 2
:For the sake of argument lets say you are using Deluge(as this is my favourite program, fuck the rest). What do you want to download? Well Ive decided I want to download the latest episode of Family Guy so I open up and type in Family Guy into the search box and then I select the TV Shows tab.(Another good torrent site that I would recommend is the There are 298 torrent Results for 'family guy' in the 'TV Shows' Tab. However the newest episode is generally the one with the most seeds so I just order my results by Seeds and click the top result.

Step 3
:After I have found the torrent I want I click onto it and then on its page I press the DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT button. Then Deluge will pop open and I select a location to save the files into and then I Press the 'Add' button.

Step 4
: Depending on the ratio of Seeds:Peers, the size of the file and your limits the torrent can last from 1 second to 1 month if not more. Just be patient and leave it running when your not really using too much bandwidth and eventually you can use whatever you have downloaded.

Photoshop CS4

Do you want to download a completely free and fully functional version of Photoshop CS4? Follow our quick and easy guide and be ready to design within an hour and save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Step 1: Click here and grab the Free Trial Download of Photoshop CS4. (You have to register but this is a lot better than downloading a 1gb+ torrent because its from the official site and you know your not going to get viruses)

Step 2: Run the Setup.exe and choose 'I want to install and use Adobe Photoshop CS4 on a trial basis.' Then carry on the installation.

Step 3: Download the Keygens and Host file from here. Then uncompress the .rar file with WinZip, WinRAR or an extraction program of your choice.

Step 4: When the installation finishes do not run Photoshop. Open the PScs4FREE folder and extract the 'hosts' file to this directory: 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc'. Then overwrite the file.

Step 5
: Open up your newly installed Photoshop CS4, you will be prompted for a serial, 2 keygens are provided in the .Rar named PScs34FREE. Generate a Key and use it. If you did everything correctly Photoshop will work perfectly and you will not be asked for a serial ever again.

Notes: Credits for the keygens belong to their respective owners and creators.